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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Elliot Fallas : Unlike many gifted artists, Elliot Fallas discovered his talent relatively late in life. It happened on a family trip to Paris in the summer of 1995, standing in the Impressionist wing of the Louvre Museum. Turning to leave after admiring the work of the Masters, Elliot commented to his wife and son David, "When I retire, I think I'm going to try doing that." David's simple answer: "Why wait, Dad?"

A few months later, Fallas received a 'starter kit' of brush, oil paints and canvas as a Hanukkah present from his son, and an artist was born. In the ensuing years, Fallas began to study with an internationally known professional artist, developing his unique take on a classic Impressionist style. He strives to stay spontaneous and follow his instincts, especially when they lead him to "paint outside the lines" - breaking a few rules for the sake of honesty and emotion, he says, keeps his work exciting and evocative.

Based in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, Fallas has traveled around the world, and throughout Europe and Asia extensively. The love he has for these varied locales is abundantly evident - his artwork displays a broad array of styles that are comprised of varied themes and take as subjects seascapes, cityscapes, landscapes and contemporary scenes, all brought to life with masterful, bold brush and palette-knife strokes. ”When I choose a subject, it must evoke an honest emotion within me - otherwise it’s wallpaper,” says Fallas. Particularly known for his passion for color and texture, Fallas' paintings evoke a wonderful sense of life and energy.

Recently, Fallas has begun to experiment with what is his most significant and personally rewarding subject: Judaica art. He is in the process of collecting images and processing the powerful impressions these images make. "In oils depicting rabbis, soldiers, and citizens at the Wailing Wall painting I have tried to capture the raw emotion, power and sometimes even violence that represents the modern Jewish struggle in Israel," he says. Fallas, above all, is grateful for the gift of his artistic talent. "I truly believe that my talent was given to me 'for such a time as this' - my retirement years. It has brought much joy and passion to my life."

Today, there are hundreds of Fallas original paintings on display in homes, offices and galleries around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and sales are taking off across the country.

Kat : Born and raised in Texas, KAT is an American pop artist through and through. Her artistic talent was acknowledged at an early age and she was surrounded by creative people: her family was full of musicians. While KAT leaned toward the visual arts, the music with which she was raised, including folk, bluegrass, and rock and roll, inspired her art. KAT was selling this remarkable art by the time she was fourteen and when she finished high school she was awarded a scholarship to study the Fine Arts at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Called “part of art history in the making for this century,” KAT has also been compared to pop art icons like Andy Warhol and Peter Max. Her musically inspired art is collected world-wide and she continues to create incredible paintings. KAT hopes that her work and influence will shed light on issues close to her heart: the needs of art and music education,

animal rights, and health issues.

Howard Behrens : Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised near Washington, D.C., Howard Behrens (1933-2014) grew up during the 1930's and 40's. His father was a printer, and his mom an artistic soul with a flair for design. From the time he received his first water-color set in third grade, young Behrens enjoyed painting, known as "the Artist" in school where he contributed artwork to the newspaper and yearbook. A sledding accident at the age of seventeen kept him bed-ridden for months - during which time he decided to be an artist for good. He went on to earn a Master's degree in painting and sculpture from the University of Maryland, College Park. Throughout a long career as a government graphic artist, Behrens also traveled extensively and continued to develop his talent and explore new techniques, especially inspired by exotic tropical locales, and the quite different beauty of European architecture.

Behrens was one of the world's most renowned palette artists, inspired to create his many masterpieces with a palette knife - a tool artists traditionally use to mix oil paints before applying them to canvas with a paint brush. “I kept changing my style,” he explains. “I feel like every painting is a prerequisite for the next painting. You come across something that really rings a bell and starts you thinking differently, and you continue on with that new technique, style or subject matter. That’s how I eventually got into palette knife painting. It was an evolutionary thing.”

This evolution to today’s rich, distinctive, texturized style has garnered Behrens numerous accolades and honors, including an appointment as an official artist of the 2002 Winter Olympics and the acceptance of many of his pieces into permanent museum archives around the world. Experimentation, says this modern master, is crucial to his success. “I slowly started using the palette knife to paint on the canvas, starting out very fine and thin...then, it got thicker and heavier. Finally, the most amazing thing happened: the act of painting became the subject matter.”

Behrens approaches his creations with what he calls “controlled spontaneity.” He can find worthwhile subject matter wherever he goes, armed with a camera and sketch pad at all times. Back in the studio, images and ideas come together, and sometimes Behrens finds himself applying paint with a palette knife, and other times he'll splash paint onto a canvas and create art by removing it with the knife. In his work are reflections of such artists as Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Camille Pisarro, Alfred Sisely, and Italian palette knife painter Nicola Simbari. At heart, Behrens considers himself an expressionist who has integrated the spontaneous nature of the Impressionist painters.

Often called the "Monet of the 21st Century", Behrens is also a pioneer of the hand-embellished serigraph print. By the early 1980's, his career was really taking off - galleries and exhibition shows from Palm Beach, Florida to 5th Avenue, Manhattan to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills were featuring Behrens richly textured, distinctive palette-kinfe technique to rave reviews. In light of this success, he began publishing limited edition serigraphs with the added feature of personally had-embellishing each print. It was his ability to work quickly and decisively with his trusty knife that made these creations truly unique, yet available to a much wider fan base of eager collectors.

In 2000, Behrens created a collection of works inspired by Monet’s gardens in Giverny, France entitled “A Tribute to Monet.” The show was exhibited at the French Embassy in Washington, D.C. in October 2001, and a series of limited-edition prints were created from that collection.

Also a top-selling artist on Princess Cruise Lines, Behrens enjoyed making many in-house artist appearances on art-themed cruises and Connoisseur's Cruises until his semi-retirement in 2011, due to Parkinson's Disease. The spacious manor that was private studio and home to Behrens and his wife for many years was known as "Villa Behrens" and was featured in many design magazines and on HGTV - it was designed and built as a reflection of the artist's multitude of paintings. It was sold in 2011, but lives on in pictures on the Behrens' website, put up in answer to the demand of his many fans.

Sadly, Behrens passed away on April 14, 2014. His memory will live on through the hearts of his friends, family, and collectors across the globe.

Ferjo: was born Fernando de Jesus Oliveira in Bahia, Brazil. He is regarded as one of the most energetic and interesting artists in the modern day art world. His talent has earned him the esteemed Crescent Scholarship at the Pennsylvania Academy of fine Arts, as well as the New York Council for the Arts Award for Excellence in his portraiture work.

Walfrido :Born in 1966 in the Philippines, Walfrido Garcia spent his youth surrounded by art and harbored a life-long dream of becoming a professional artist. His father, an art teacher, left the Philippines for the United States and Walfrido and his family followed him to California in 1972. In addition to teaching his paying students and creating beautiful paintings, Walfrido’s father gave his son painting lessons; more importantly, Walfrido says, he learned how to teach. By the time he was seventeen years old, Walfrido was teaching his own art class while studying art at Ohlone Community College and displaying his artwork at the Devaux Galleries in Carmel, California.

Walfrido continued his studies in graphic arts at San Jose State University, but in his final year he decided to commit himself to his art – he wanted to be a professional artist, but that would take undivided dedication. Walfrido set an ultimatum for himself: if he couldn’t make it as an artist within six years, he would return to school. With great determination and luck, Walfrido soon got his first break in Hawaii where he found a gallery that wanted to represent his work. Soon, he was selling paintings as quickly as he produced them.

Before long, Walfrido met the renowned nature and sea-life artist Wyland; when the latter decided to open his own chain of galleries, Walfrido was invited to join him and soon his work was hanging alongside that of world-famous artists such as Roy Tabora, James Coleman, and John Pitre. Quickly gathering international attention, he spent the next fifteen years exhibiting his art around the world. Currently, Walfrido spends most of his time in Hawaii and California, where he is constantly inspired by the spectacular seascapes which are the stunning subjects of most of his work.

Alexander Chen :Born in Canton, China in 1952, Alexander Chen is an internationally renowned artist with extraordinary vision and talent. Chen began drawing when he was a child and even during four years between the ages of sixteen and twenty when he worked as a farmer in the Chinese countryside, he kept drawing and painting the world around him. Soon, though, he turned to road theater, where he painted scenery and stage backgrounds. Six years later, at the age of twenty-six, Chen found himself back in Canton, where he began his formal art education at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

Inspired by his various travels and his eventual emigration to the United States in 1989, Chen’s paintings and pen and ink drawings often feature national parks, cityscapes, countryside views, and the pulsing energy of New York City, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. Brilliantly colored and intricately detailed, the vivid images he creates have been collected and lauded around the world. His work has been featured in calendars, turned into jigsaw puzzles, and published in books and advertisements. Chen was also recently commissioned to create a painting celebrating the United States team’s participation in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Chen’s paintings and limited edition fine art prints can be found in private, public, and corporate collections around the world.

Dan Mackin : "Born and raised in Southern California, Dan Mackin's earliest art impulses were influenced by his travel to Asia in the military in 1969. He sailed a small boat to Central America from 1971 to 1973. During this trek he lost his camera overboard and started recording his travels by drawing and painting scenes.

He has always had a fascination with tropical foliage and water. This, coupled with his great enjoyment creating art that led him into the art profession. He loves seeing a blank canvas transform into a window of paradise that before was only a thought. His aim is to communicate a sense of being in paradise, such as the feeling one gets when they see tropical water; the feeling of excitement and tranquility at the same time.

Mackin works nearly every day, usually long hours. When he can't sleep, he'll sometimes work from 3:00 AM to dawn, go back to bed for a couple of hours, and then get back to work! His work is collected by various entertainment and sports celebrities, and appears in the collections of the International Herald Tribune, Sheraton Resorts, and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. He has exhibited at the Tampa Bay Aquarium, Wyland Gallery Shows, and many other art gallery exhibitions throughout the U.S..

Robert Lyn Nelson : is a world-renowned artist and environmentalist who creates blissful images of marine life. A southern California native born in 1955, Nelson proved to be a gifted artist from the start, able to create artwork at the age of three that was impressive, to say the least. By the time he was thirteen, Nelson was already being offered scholarships by local colleges in and around the San Bernardino County where he lived and attended high school. At fifteen, the very first public exhibition of his work came close to being completely sold out. Two years later he had his first one-man show.

Robert Lyn Nelson is widely regarded as one the founding father of the Modern Marine Art Movement, taking the world by storm in the 1970s with his work. His deeply detailed paintings are bursting with color and a sense of magic and movement, bringing to life a variety of figures, subjects, and images - most notably the amazing underwater universe of our oceans. As a diver and deeply committed conservationist, Nelson has made quite an impact in raising awareness of the world we live in, being named one of the nation's first "Environmental Heroes" in 1997 by then-Vice President Al Gore. The many avid collectors of Nelson's work comprise a Who's Who list of US presidents, movie industry big-wigs, and rock n' rollers, including the Bush and Kennedy families, James Cameron, and the Beach Boys, just to name a few. Primarily based in Hawaii these days, Robert Lyn Nelson continues to create marine maste

began painting in high school, he didn’t pursue his artistic interests until years later. Instead, he earned a degree in accounting from the University of Florida and worked as a CPA for six years followed by a handful of odd jobs. Frustrated with the state of things, Goldman began to doodle just as he had when he was younger, “making fun of the world through his stupid doodles.” After six months, Goldman had collected enough designs to start david & goliath, a t-shirt company based on his doodles, in 2000.

Currently, david & goliath makes all kinds of products with thousands of unique designs – “if it’s funny and stupid, they’ll make it.” Goldman himself continues to create his own art and doodles as well as several side projects, which included compiling a book of his art called “Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them,” released in 2005. Since then, Goldman has released other books, like “Girls are Weirdos But They Smell Pretty” and the two children’s books “Animal Soup” and “The Zoo I Drew.” In 2007, Goldman began working with FOX on a show called “The Uglies” and with Ashton Kutcher on an animated series called “” After witnessing the resounding success of his pieces in galleries around the country, Goldman opened his own gallery, Pop-Factory, in 2008.

Goldman’s artwork is exhibited and collected all around the world. Collectors of his works include Jessica Simpson, Rihanna, John Goodman, and Sir Paul McCartney. Goldman usually has at least ten art shows in any given year, from Los Angeles to London to Japan.

Jane Wooster Scott is an American painter,[1] who was named by Guinness Book of World Records as the most reproduced artist in America.[2] She started painting at the age of 35 and has never had a lesson.[3] Her works hang on permanent display at the American embassies in Portugal and Australia, and have hung at the US White House.[4] She has sold works to Carol Burnett, Charlton Heston, Paul Newman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nancy Sinatra,[5]Sylvester Stallone and many others.[6 is a prize-winning artist from Saint Pierre and Miquelon who has exhibited in Canada, the United States, France, South Korea, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Though most of his compositions are abstract in nature, he also enjoys the mediums of impressionism and mixed media. Using varied techniques, he combines the physical and spiritual – specific themes that manifest in series and cycles of works. Zaicikas mixes materials and applies them in several layers, beginning with acrylics and finishing with oils.

Tadas Zaicikas: Tadas Zaicikas is a prize-winning artist from Saint Pierre and Miquelon who has exhibited in Canada, the United States, France, South Korea, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Though most of his compositions are abstract in nature, he also enjoys the mediums of impressionism and mixed media. Using varied techniques, he combines the physical and spiritual – specific themes that manifest in series and cycles of works. Zaicikas mixes materials and applies them in several layers, beginning with acrylics and finishing with oils.

Larry Fanning: A self taught artist from Kansas, Larry Fanning is most recognized for his captivating paintings of the west, and wild animals in their natural splendor. His images capture life on the American Frontier, celebrate Native American traditions, and present a variety of wildlife in their true environments. Larry Fanning's attention to detail truly brings his artworks to life--as if you were standing next to these great icons!

discussing his inspiration, Larry Fanning states, "The iconic part of western art is very much at the heart of being an American, even though America is resented in many parts of the world. I find the philosophical essence of the old West is very much alive today, in this modern world, and I encounter wisdom and inspiration in being around everyday western people. I learn from this, and hopefully, it shows in my paintings." Saldly to say Larry past away Dec. 3rd, 2014.

Slava IIyayev : is a master of the palette knife. Ilyayev creates colorful and vivid works that carry on the traditions of Post-Impressionists like Vincent van Gogh into contemporary times. The art of Ilyayev immerses viewers in a pleasant world of warmth, energy, and light. His art is exemplified by swathes of color raised above the canvas, resulting in textured compositions that transform nature into an exciting, joyful, and vibrant force.

Wyland : Internationally renowned marine life artist Wyland is one of the most celebrated and recognized artists of our time. An innovative painter, sculpture, writer, photographer, philanthropist, and filmmaker, he captured the imagination of people everywhere by completing over one hundred monumental marine life murals around the world from 1981-2008. The project, known as the Whaling Walls, remains one of the largest public arts projects in history and continues to be seen by an estimated one billion people each year.

Pino : Italian artist, Pino Daeni's art and canvases elicit feelings of warmth, nostalgia, love and family. His paintings are often set on vibrantly sunny beaches on the Mediterranean where he grew up. Pino (born Giuseppe Dangelico) is noted for his exceptional ability to capture the movements and expressions of his subjects - a talent which has brought his artwork a worldwide following and private commissions to do portraits.

Nastya Rovenskaya : was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1976. A master of pop and street art, Nastya is one of the most innovative and exciting artists on the international stage.

Rovenskaya started as an artist at an early age. During her studies, she developed her passion for history and one subject caught her attention the most; the Post-Soviet Graffiti movement. In the late-Soviet period, the subculture youth of Russia used graffiti as a rebellious medium to express their ideology. Graffiti artists attempted to infiltrate the government-controlled public with expressions of love, peace signs, and quotes using chalk, oil paint, and spray paint. These graffiti were bonded to the city of Saint Petersburg and became one of the world's most famous symbols of rebellion.

Rovenskaya dropped out of high-school due to a financial burden, but the extra time allowed her to devote herself to write songs and poems. She worked as a freelancer for local musicians and was influenced by different cultures with her words of love and freedom. A rebellious in nature, Nastya decided to combine her passions for street art and music. She constructed a unique technique of pop art using free brush strokes with acrylic and oil paints, defining her worldwide.

Mark Braver: Mark Braver was born in Riga, the capital of Latvia, in 1958. An artist at heart, he had to set his passion aside and join the Red Army. Upon his discharge, he married and had a daughter. However, being sympathetic to the Jewish cause, he became involved in forbidden Zionist activities that brought about his arrest and imprisonment. Braver braved five brutal years in a Soviet prison before he was reunited with his wife - they soon had two more daughters. Fortunately, times had changed while he was imprisoned - finally policies in his country became more welcoming of individualism, culture, and the arts. Rekindling old friendships with fellow artists, he was motivated to pick up his paintbrush again. Braver moved to Israel with his family in 2000 and

David Silvah: At the age of 13, he began painting to win the heart of a young girl. Since then, David Silvah has taken the artistry of the traditional Mexican painting very seriously; sharing his work in a revolutionary, political, and social context of the past and the present.

The work of this young Zacatecano painter, now living in the city of Rosarito, forces the spectator to turn and observe with profound interest. When observing David Silvah paintings, we find Don Quixotes with a look of surprise, of anguish or of wonder.

We see free gestures, dynamic vitality, and Quixotes that emerge from their meditations, not always optimistic about the condition of humanity. David Silvah, in his relentless effort to express himself, reunites Zapatas Cristos Villas and Don Quixote at the same table. He uses narrative and literary content, as well as many colorful artistic effects, allowing us to enjoy the originality in his fine works. Each work is a synthesis in which the painter gives free rein to his imagination, without being judged by other different and present pictorials. This allows David Silvah to approach his painting with absolute artistic freedom.

Alexander Antanenka: was born in the Soviet Union in the city of Brest, Belarus, on February 16, 1951. Alex start drawing in pencil at the age of 5. He attended art school in Brest and in grade school decided that painting would be his life. He went on the attend the Art Academy in Leningrad ( Saint Petersburg), Russia where he graduated at the top of his class in 1978. Alex was living happy and content life with his wife and young daughter in the Soviet city of Minsk as a professional artist when the Chernobyl disaster claimed both his parents’ lives, who lived only 20 miles from the accident site. He experienced deep anger toward the Soviet government because of its attempt tp cover up the Chernobyl disaster and its terrible effects of not evacuating immediately those who lived in the fallout zones. Very soon after this tragedy, he fled to the Siberian city of Magadan to start a new life. This city was used as a place of exile by the Soviet Government for various artists, poets and politicians whose works and ideas were not of the Soviet exactness. It is here, in the city of Magadan, where Alex’s work changed to reflect his emotional state of anger sadness.. His previous works of bright, soothing landscapes changed to dark,, and dramatic. While in the Magadan the Japanese collectors showed a great interest in his art, but the KGB forbad Alex to conduct an exhibition in that country. Not long after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Alex moved with his family back to the city of Minsk, Belarus. From here he was able to conduct exhibits of his work in many former Soviet cities, including Magadan n 1990, Vladivostok in 1992, Khabarovsk in 1993, Minsk and Brest in 1996. Moscow at the Kremlin in 1997 and Saint Petersburg in 1998. Alex moved to United States in 2010. He is happy and at peace. As a result his works once again reflect bright and soothing colors. His paintings are held in many private collections trough the world including the countries of Belgium, Check Republic, Germany, Holland, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, Canada, Poland, Russia and the USA. Recently Alex catapulted his art into New York art arena and had an exhibition at Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art gallery in the heart of Chelsea, NY.

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